I’m packing willpower…

It may not surprise those of you who know me at all, to hear that my early twenties were not quite full of the sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.  In fact, one of my most significant memories is of reading G. Gordon Liddy’s political autobiography called Will.  Sound more like me?

G Gordon Liddy was one of the Nixon Watergate guys – one of the bad guys. Ultra-conservative.

So it’s kind of surprising that I read the autobiography at all, let alone remember it.

And on checking the web, it turns out that the book is pretty controversial.

I don’t remember any of that.  But what I do remember is his story about the storm.  You see, he was afraid of storms as a young boy, and he couldn’t abide being afraid of anything. So when the next storm hit his town, he went out into his yard, climbed the highest tree he could find, and rode out the storm in the tree.  The idea being, I guess, that you can overcome anything if you face up to your fear of it.  That is, if you have the WILLPOWER to face up to it.

OK, so willpower helped this guy become a criminal.

But it had an impact on me.  I’ve used that idea of willpower over the years.

And tomorrow, I leave for the arctic where it’s scheduled to be -20 overnight and I’m going to be trekking 70 kilometres.

So I’m packing willpower.

But don’t expect articgate 😉

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