Snacks – the key to success

So here it is… the post you’ve been waiting for.  The KEY to success when facing an arduous, awe-inspiring, impressive, feat such as this artic trek…. Take the right snacks!

I don’t know if this has been a good use of my mental capacity and time, but I’ve spent many days, shopping trips, chopping time, and snacking trials to perfect my mix.

And one of the main reasons I’ve spent time on this??

Raisins.  And sultanas.

I don’t like them.

Like, I really don’t like them.

I hate them.

You try finding a good quality trail mix with fruit (necessary for sugars and energy) without raisins.  Or sultanas.


And I might be willing to sleep in sub zero temperatures, to hike through the arctic, even share a tent with Olivia (!!), but I will not, under any circumstances, be forced to eat shrivelled up grapes.

So I’ve been concocting my own mix. Sweet and salty.  Fruit and nuts.  Sugars and protein.  And… a little bit a luxury.

The Cherry Ripe is the king of chocolate bars.  Cherry and coconut goodness.  Coated in dark chocolate.  Glorious. One of the greatest things to come out of Australia.

And chopped up into bite size morsels of loveliness…wow.

Can you imagine that moment of exhaustion, of foot pain, of frozen-ness, and of regretting that champagne that got me here (OK, I can’t imagine that last one)…and I reach into that little snack bag nestled in my pocket (under all my coat layers so everything doesn’t freeze solid)…and I get a handful of cashew nuts, almonds and walnuts… dried apple, figs, mangos, and dates… corn snacks and soya beans… dark chocolate chips and banana chips, some coconut flakes (to make me feel like I’m on a tropical island)… and then, every now and then, maybe every second or third handful…. I get a bite of Cherry Ripe.



PS – Those who look closely at the photos will spot that I haven’t yet added the Cherry Ripe to the mix.  I’m saving adding it ‘til the end.  Need to get the rest of the mix right before adding the cherry on the top.

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