The life changing magic of… the podiatrist

I know, I know… you were expecting a post about snacks.  Don’t worry, it’s coming.  But for now, you get the pleasure of reading about… podiatrists.

Who knew they were magicians?  And why didn’t you tell me??

Following my impressive 4-hour training walk, I developed significant pain in what, medically, is known as ‘the bone-y bit of my ankle, the one on the inside”.  The pain only came about when my boots were on, and disappeared when they were off.  What to do??

I didn’t even know if podiatrists dealt with ankles – how far up a leg do they go?  I still don’t know the answer to that question, but ankles are a definite, yes.

So I went in with ‘pain in the ankle’ and was diagnosed with … a tripost ligament, muscle issue, linked to hyper-extending, boot rubbing something something something. I’m still not clear on the detail.  But the key is this – they can fix it, and they can prevent it.  Hence the cool looking tape – acutape – which is what all the best athletes wear to treat and prevent injury and which – if I’m honest – just makes me feel like I’m serious about this whole thing!

Then she said – and this is the most exciting part – “your bones and ligaments seem quite tight.  Shall I loosen them up and crack them for you?  Should help with the walk”.

Then she did things – things with her hands – things to my feet – things I’ve never had anyone do to me before.


Then, not happy with her ability to ‘mobilise’ the feet, she called in her senior…


Now I’m looking to have a foot affair with Sally (and her boss in times of great foot stress).  Don’t tell my husband.  Well actually, it’s not like he’s willing to even touch my feet, so it’s not really cheating, is it??

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