Focus on what’s important

The first training weekend (only training weekend??) looms large!  We leave tomorrow.  A whole day and a half of hiking.  A whole night is a tent.  In Scotland.  In September.  OK, so it’s not the arctic in February, but the fact is I’ll be better prepared with all the kit by then.

While right now, I have spent precisely stuff-all time even thinking about what I’ll need, and less time actually preparing.  Rucksacks, appropriate clothing, sleeping gear…. I have pulled it together in approximately 2.7 seconds.  Do I have everything I need?  Unlikely. But there is one area that I have considered carefully.  One aspect of which I have become an expert.  One element of a hike/camp weekend on which no one will surpass me.


I spent a strangely enjoyable, quite extensive amount of time in the supermarket, slowly feeding my daughter biscuits to keep her quiet, while I lined up options.  Nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, biscuits, fruit, jerky, cheese….  When you think about it, all have their pros and cons.

What will I need?  Protein? Vitamins? Sugar?  These are all possibilities that should be appropriately covered.  But there are of course other factors. Comfort?  Convenience?  Boredom alleviation?  Not too heavy?  Not too messy?  These are also important factors to weigh up.  Getting the right mix seemed extremely important.  Some sort of statement to the world that despite appearances to the contrary, I am suitably qualified to be considered a serious hiker.  The pressure mounted.  The supply of biscuits my daughter was devouring dwindled.

After carefully thinking through all the pros and cons of each item, of the different groupings of items, I came to with the following conclusion:

Buy all of them.

So I did.

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  1. Suddenly I’m looking forward to this weekend a lot more than I was…


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